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If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry, you will get a participation trophy.


You know when you deserve a participation trophy? Almost never. Wait, I thought of one time in my entire life that everyone who participated got some kind of award and it actually applied. It was in Boy Scouts – the Pinewood Derby – if you participated then you took the time to build a car from a block of wood, two axles, 4 cotter pins and a bunch of paint. That was one where I can see someone getting an award for taking part.


Everything else – give me a break. People expect awards for taking part in sports, they expect jobs, they expect their student loans to go away. How about we send all of these people who need safe spaces and participation awards and ship them off to Neverland? Sounds good to me. I would donate to that cause in a minute.


And what’s with these safety pins? Really? What are they supposed to keep you safe from unless you open it up, bend it back and maybe jab someone in the eye. It looks almost as ridiculous as the premise. Give me a break.


Getting back to the point – you get awards not for showing up, but by excelling in something – whether it’s sports, education, the workplace and yes – politics. Stop with the whining, with the predictions of how bad it’s going to be with Trump in the White House. The predictions didn’t work out too well for Hillary, did they?


You run for office, you win – then it’s time for us all to come together to make good things happen. That’s what a normal society would do. Not ours – we have really stupid rioting, protesting and general bitching of how bad things are going to be now – the stock market is going to crash (it hasn’t), people will flee the country (they haven’t), other countries won’t have anything to do with us (who cares?).


Seriously. Take some time to find out how many countries receive enormous amounts of money that do absolutely nothing for us. Find out how many countries we are actively interfering with politically, socially and economically that don’t want us there. Spend a little less time watching mainstream media under-reporting factual events/people and over-reporting heavily skewed and often times false information, events, people and occurrences.


I see all these protests supposedly everywhere on the news – people are still up in arms over a “rigged” election or whatever they’re bitching about because Trump won – but I have been through Somerville and Boston and Cambridge and don’t see much of a stink being made. I don’t see people in the streets ready to revolt. Nobody had Trump winning – but anyone, and I mean anyone, who wasn’t completely brainwashed by a political party (pick either one) or the mainstream media could see this coming.


I did. Obviously others eventually did. And I’m not a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, anti-Muslim, anti-anything (really) – I’m just trying to make a buck, feed my family and live a good life. Isn’t that what we should all be doing? If you’re so distraught over an election for an office you probably didn’t even vote in, then you need to take your thumb out of your mouth, pull your damn pants up, go get a frigging job – and start voting in your local elections, learn about the issues that actually will directly affect you – and then maybe start pontificating about how things should be.


Oh, and when the person you don’t like doesn’t get elected – don’t try to equate what happened 240 years ago to today and pull some whiny “lets protest this because he’s not my president” bullshit out of your never had a job in your life, have everything handed to you, fanny pack wearing, Millennial ass.


You know, along side of the stories of mass rioting (but leaving out the part about protesters being PAID to protest), there were stories from all over about how people who supported Trump (or so they said they did) were quick to be openly racist and smarmy by saying stupid things like: “rooting against a new President is like rooting against the pilot who is flying the plane we are all on.”


I place very little belief behind either such story on the news – I think of it in a vacuum – because neither story affects my life, neither story changes a damned thing and neither story is based on the masses – these are people acting like morons because someone else pulled out an iPhone and hit record. Everyone is a YouTube star today. Good for them – they deserve an award. I’ve got it right here.


In fact, give yourself an award for reading this – you deserve it. #GMK #GTBTP



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