Somerville Police Warn on Social Media Scams 

Have you ever participated in an online survey? If you have—you should reconsider doing so next time. Often, these scams lead you to participate in an online survey designed to steal your personal information. Sweepstake offers, vouchers, gift cards, cruise line offers are just some of the special deals designed to entice many shoppers this winter. 
How else can you get scammed on Social Media?
Let’s say you receive some fabulous theater or concert event tickets as a gift? You may want to show your friends, right? If you have, do not post the pictures of the tickets on social media. Fraudsters can create a ticket using the barcode taken from the photo and resell the ticket. By posting ticket barcodes you are helping out a criminal. Make sure you protect your ticket barcodes, as you would your credit card number. 

What can you do to prevent Cyber Fraud this holiday season?

I. Check your credit card statement. Fraudulent charges can show up several weeks later so make sure to check then too. You may also set up credit card transaction auto alerts. Try to check your balance after every online purchase. 

II. Do your research to ensure legitimacy. Verify any request for personal information from any business, or financial institution by using their main contact information on their official website. 

If you suspect you have been a victim of cyber fraud please follow these steps as listed by the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs: 

I. Contact your financial institution immediately upon suspecting or discovering a fraudulent transfer.

II. Contact your local police department

III. Request that your bank contacts the financial institution where the fraudulent transfer was sent.

IV. File a complaint with the FBI”s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www., regardless of dollar loss. Provide all relevant information in your complaint.

Be Vigilant, and remind others to do the same this holiday season!

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