Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Corey FERREIRA (Larceny) Shoplifting At Assembly Row

On November 18,2016 at approx. 4:27 pm while in marked unit East 3, I was dispatched to assist an off-duty officer on Canal Street. Officer O. Martinez had phoned the station and requested marked units respond to his location for a male shoplifter he was following. Upon arrival at Canal St and Assembly Row I observed that Officer Martinez had the suspect stopped and was talking to him.

          Officer Martinez relayed to me that while he was walking by Southern Kin he observed a white male, identified as Corey Ferreira, walking with numerous pairs of jeans that were “beeping”. Officer Martinez stated that he was familiar that when items are taken from a store they have security tags on them that beep once exiting the store if not removed. Officer Martinez stated he followed the suspect and identified himself as a police officer by showing him his city issued Somerville Police badge. He stated that the suspect had observed him approaching and threw the jeans down but once ordered to stop he complied with Officer Martinez.

         While we spoke with Mr Ferreira we were approached by Loss Prevention Officer XXXXX from Saks Fifth Avenue store. She stated that she had been made aware of the suspect taking numerous pairs of jeans and fleeing the store. Before she could call Police we had Mr Ferreira detained due to the work of Officer Martinez. We recovered 9 pairs of True Religion jeans with an estimated value of $1324.91 and the suspects phone which got tangled in the jeans as he threw them down.

          I placed Mr Ferreira under arrest for Larceny over $250. He was transported via 200 to the station and booked by Lt. Sheehan.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Alan Monaco #234



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