Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Luis ACEVEDO (Poss. to Dist. Class B & Drug Violation near School)

On November 17, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser West 7. At approximately 8:12pm, Somerville Control radioed a BOLO (be on the lookout) for motor vehicles involved in a shots fired call. One vehicle was described as a dark colored Honda sedan with white rims, occupied by two light skinned Hispanic males.


        At approximately 9:07pm, Somerville Auxiliary Police Officers contacted Somerville dispatch to report a vehicle matching the description from the Everett incident was parked in the Dilboy Field parking lot. The Dilboy field parking lot is owned and maintained by the City of Somerville. The auxiliary officers further stated when they entered the parking lot to perform a routine check of the field, the vehicle in question quickly left the parking lot, and proceeded to the Gulf gas station located across the street on Alewife Brook Parkway. When the auxiliary officers left the Dilboy Field area, the vehicle returned to the parking lot, parked in a spot, and no one exited the vehicle. The plate given was MA XXXXXX, a 2002 Honda Accord sedan color black, registered to Luis Acevedo out of 153 Alewife Brook Parkway #12, Somerville.


        I entered the parking lot along with Officer Daniel Haley (West 6). I stopped my vehicle a few spaces prior to the subject vehicle, and illuminated the inside of the vehicle with my white spot light. I observed one light skinned Hispanic male sitting in the driver’s seat. I exited my cruiser and engaged this male occupant, later identified as Luis Acevedo, in conversation. Immediately, I observed the male to be very nervous. He began to sweat, even though the current temperature was only about 45 degrees. It appeared as if his heart was beating out of his chest, and his breathing was intense. When I asked if he had a drivers license, he began moving quickly about the front of the car, grabbing at bags, including a dark zippered bag. I ordered him to place his hands on the steering wheel. Due to his nervous behavior, and the nature of the call, I asked the male if he would step out of the vehicle for safety concerns. Acevedo immediately placed both hands underneath the driver’s seat, where I could no longer see them. Fearing an immediate threat, I grabbed Acevedo by his left arm, and removed him from the vehicle, where I was able to handcuff him with the assistance of Officer Haley.


        Once handcuffed and frisked for safety, I immediately went to the area where Acevedo was reaching. I located a black BB gun, which resembled a functioning firearm. Acevedo had also reached for a black zippered bag on the passenger seat prior to reaching under the seat. This zippered bag was open, and as I picked it up to frisk it for weapons, I observed numerous white plastic bags containing powder like substances. I recognized two of these bags to contain cocaine, a Class B substance.


        At this time, I asked Officer Haley to read Acevedo his Miranda warnings from a card he carries on his person. After acknowledging his rights, Acevedo denied ownership of the bag containing narcotics. Four separate bags were located, and will be sent to the lab for testing. Acevedo stated he found the bag in the woods behind Dilboy field along with other personal belongings. He opted to not take any of the other belongings except the narcotics. Detective Fernando Cicerone responded to speak with Acevedo while I inventoried the vehicle pending a tow incident to arrest. During the inventory, a fifth bag containing white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, fell from the driver’s side visor. Acevedo stated “You got me, I use coke”. Acevedo continued to deny ownership of the narcotics found in the black zippered bag.


        Also located during an inventory was $270, $226 of which was located in Acevedo’s left hand pants pocket. This money was seized as part of a drug investigation. Also seized during the inventory was a black Iphone, a black digital scale, and an empty Food Saver bag containing marijuana residue.


        Acevedo was uncooperative with furthering this drug investigation. He was transported to the station by Officer Chris Fusco (Unit 200) and he was booked by Lt. Digregorio. Acevedo will be charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute – Class B (94c/32A), and Drug Violation by a Park (94c/32J). Dilboy field is a public field maintained by the city of Somerville. The Somerville High School, as well as other juvenile sport teams utilize the field.


        Officer Tim Sullivan and K9 Lobo responded to search the Gulf Gas station, and the vehicle involved for a possible firearm in relation to the Everett shooting. Lobo searched both locations and did not alert to the presence of a firearm.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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