Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Rasheed SUAREZ (Larceny, Resisting Arrest & Boston Warrant)

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform while assigned to the Assembly Square unit. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed, as they pertain to incident #16071174:


At 3:37 pm I received a call on my department issued cell phone from TJ Maxx Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) XXXXX. TJ Maxx is located at 105 Middlesex Avenue. XXXXX informed me that she and LPO YYYYY had observed a male in their store concealing several jackets. I began making my way towards TJ Maxx in my assigned cruiser. About a minute later, XXXXX informed me that the suspect had taken off running towards the MBTA T station at Assembly Square. I activated my blue lights and siren, and followed XXXXX’s directions toward the suspect.


At the intersection of Foley Street and Assembly Row, I observed YYYYY walking a short distance behind a male matching the description given to me by XXXXX. YYYYY saw me and began pointing to the suspect. I pulled up to the suspect and exited my cruiser. I ordered the suspect to keep his hands visible and come to the hood of my cruiser. The suspect initially complied, then I observed a change in body language that indicated to me the suspect was becoming combative. I ordered the suspect to place his hands behind his back, then the suspect turned around and began yelling that he did not do anything. I struggled with the suspect to gain control of his arm while he resisted me by stiffening and pulling his arms away.


An off-duty Harvard University police officer, ZZZZZ happened to be driving by and came to my aid. ZZZZZ and I struggled with the suspect against the hood of my cruiser while trying to place him into handcuffs. During the struggle I yelled at the suspect to stop resisting, and stated :”you are under arrest!” After a brief struggle, ZZZZZ and I managed to take the suspect to the ground. We then were able to pry his arms behind his back using compliance techniques, and handcuff the suspect.


I spoke with YYYYY who stated that he had witnessed the suspect select several jackets from the TJ Maxx sales floor. The suspect then concealed the jackets in his backpack before leaving the store and making no attempt to pay for the stolen merchandise. When YYYYY tried to stop the suspect to retrieve the merchandise and identify the suspect, the suspect took off running. During the suspect’s flight, he dislodged one of his shoes. YYYYY retrieved the suspect’s shoe and we returned it to him.


The suspect was transported back to the police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Robert Hartsgrove. At police station, the suspect was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer, Lt. William Rymill. At the booking window, the suspect identified himself to Lt. Rymill as James Suarez. A CJISWeb query of that name came back with no matching record found. A Board of Probation record matched as the alias for the name of James Suarez, under the name of Rasheed Suarez. Lt. Rymill spoke with the suspect, who confirmed that his identity was that of Rasheed Suarez.


Based on the aforementioned facts, I will be charging Mr. Suarez with the following violations of M.A. General Law:

-Ch. 266 / S. 30: Larceny Over $250

-Ch. 268 / S. 32B: Resisting Arrest

-Ch. 268 / S. 34A: Arrestee Furnish False Name


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295


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