Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Raveena JAGHOO (Unlicensed Operation of MV, Attaching Wrong MV Plates, Unregistered MV)

On November 8, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 9:00am, I observed a gray Nissan Murano make a right turn from Pinckney St onto Washington St at a high rate of speed (both public ways). I queried the license plate through the registry of motor vehicles. The result of my query showed the plate belonging to a 2004 Honda Accord sedan color red.


        I activated my emergency equipment, and stopped the vehicle on Joy St at Washington St (public ways). I identified the operator as Raveena Jaghoo via a Massachusetts Identification card. Jaghoo stated she just purchased this car, and was using it to drive to Cambridge. She provided me with a bill of sale dated October 5, 2016. Jaghoo admitted that she knew she could not legally operate a motor vehicle because she only had her learner’s permit.


        I placed Jaghoo under arrest for Unlicensed Operation (90/10), Attaching plates (90/23/k), Uninsured motor vehicle (90/34J), Unregistered motor vehicle (90/9), and Failure to inspect (90/20). Pat’s Tow responded to tow the vehicle, and I seized both license plates. Citations R7639181 and R7639182 were issued to Jaghoo.


        Raveena was transported to the station by Officer Pavao in unit 200, where she was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Mulcahy.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


2 thoughts on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Raveena JAGHOO (Unlicensed Operation of MV, Attaching Wrong MV Plates, Unregistered MV)”

  1. ok so a teenager could not afford to go through all the hoops to get a car and cut some corners illegally, supposedly; so many charges thrown, hardly something a person should be kept in jail for; I did not get a car until I was 25, and would have no idea about all the steps to get a car when I was much younger; nowadays I drive slow and safely, and I watch State police cruising at 10 mph above speed limit, forgetting to signal a turn, driving without a front headlight, etc. it seems every time they stop me, they are looking put me in danger through the conversation, warnings, tickets, etc. (they have a ticket and arrest quota unofficially). it’s also bad to reveal someone’s name and ruin their reputation forever. I don’t think this makes society much safer, but rather endangers people going about their lives to be honest. While in this case it seems the situation was justified with the wrong license plate and all, we have heard stories of police pulling people over, extorting sex, money, planting drugs, or confiscating drugs and then using them in the cruiser even. I am equally concerned about being the victim of crime from police as I am concerned about crime from everyone else to be honest.

    1. Dear Mr Shmoe, Clearly you have NOT met this animal of a person. I am NOT surprised she was arrested. She is a filthy animal with no CLASS OR MANNERS! She has had people SHOT! This POS DESERVES to be in PRISON

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