Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Elvin ALVAREZ (Receiving Stolen Property, Unlicensed Operation of MV)

On November 13, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 4:15pm, while operating on Walnut St, a public way, I observed a dark colored Nissan Maxima overhanging the driveway belonging to 301 Medford St. This vehicle was occupied by one male, and was stopped with the front of the car facing out of the exit of the driveway, as if the operator was attempting to pull out onto Walnut St.. I randomly queried the license plate and learned the plate was reported stolen out of Lowell on November 6th. I radioed my findings, and Officer Eduardo Soares (East 2) responded to assist. Fearing the motor vehicle was also stolen, and to prevent a dangerous motor vehicle pursuit through a thickly settled neighborhood, Officer Soares utilized his marked cruiser to block the exit from the driveway. The male backed the vehicle up, and pulled it into an open parking spot, while there were 3 males outside the car. Due to being outnumbered, and the suspicion of a stolen vehicle, all 4 were handcuffed and searched for our safety.


        The male operator was identified as Elvin Alvarez, via a Massachusetts ID Card. Due to being in custody, before any questions were asked of Alvarez, I read him his Miranda warnings from a card I keep in my pocket. Alvarez stated he understood his rights, and agreed to speak with me. Alvarez stated the plates were his mothers, and the vehicle he recently purchased from a friend who purchased the vehicle from an unknown person. An RMV query of the license plate showed the owner was a XXXXX. Alvarez stated his father was YYYYY and mother was ZZZZZ . Alvarez did not know a XXXXX. The vehicle was registered to AAAAA, however Alvarez could not tell me who owned the vehicle. The title was located inside the glove box, however it had not be signed over to a new owner. I asked Alvarez for a bill of sale for the vehicle, to which he stated there was none. Alvarez was also in possession of an aftermarket key for the vehicle. Due to the facts stated, and the answers provided, I opined that Alvarez did know the license plates were stolen.


        Officer David Ruf, who arrived on scene to assist, had three other males detained. The first male verbally identified himself as BBBBB. Numerous queries were made, however no matching record was found. While performing a pat frisk, Officer Ruf located a large sized bag containing a brown powder in the right jacket pocket. When Officer Ruf displayed this bag to me, it appeared as if it were narcotics packaged for sale. Upon closer inspection, I concluded the substance that was visible inside the bag was not a controlled substance. Based on the packaging, and size, it appeared that BBBBB had packaged counterfeit narcotics for sale. After being released, BBBBB’s true identity was located. His true name is CCCCC, this was confirmed via photographs provided by the Lowell Police Department. With this information, I will be applying for a warrant for Posses Counterfeit drug with intent to distribute (94c/32G) and Common Law Interfering with a police officer.


        The other two juveniles on scene were DDDDD and EEEEE. Both juveniles were sent on their way.


        Due to the fact that we could not confirm the vehicle was legally owned by Alvarez, the vehicle was towed by Pat’s for safe keeping. I seized both license plates as evidence. Alvarez was charged with Receiving Stolen Property – subsequent offense (266/60/C). Alvarez was convicted of the same charge on March 20, 2013 in Lowell. He will also be charged with Unlicensed Operation (90/10).


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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