Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(Poss. Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest)

The following is a summary pertaining to incident # 16063936.

On Saturday, October 8, 2016, I was in full uniform operating marked cruiser 781. At 4:37 A.M. , Sergeant Holland was traveling west on Broadway when he observed a male party trip and fall at the intersection of Broadway and Broadway Place. He pulled over to assist this party and check on his well being. I arrived shortly after Sergeant Holland notified dispatch of his location.

The male party was later identified as Mr. Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. During our conversation I noticed Mr. xxxxx had a strong odor of alcohol and had already fallen due to his intoxicated state. At this point Sergeant Holland contacted Mr. Xxx’s girlfriend so that he could be transported and left with a responsible adult. While Sergeant Holland was speaking with Mr. Xxxxxx’s girlfriend, I was having a casual conversation with Mr. Xxxxxx. During our conversation Mr. Perez began to become verbally combative and extremely loud. He began to yell and continued to attempt to stand up in an effort to fight me.

After speaking with someone on the phone, Mr. Xxxxxx was asked to stand up so that he could be patted down for weapons before entering a police vehicle to be transported home. As he stood up a black and gold folding knife fell from Mr. Xxxxxxx person. Mr. Xxxxxxx was then asked to put his hands behind his back. As I put my hands on his arms to place him in handcuffs, he became extremely tense and pulled away nearly breaking free of my grasp. He continued to yell and lean forward, to the point where if I let go he would fall flat on his face. At this point Mr. Xxxxxxx was escorted to the ground and I was able to place him in handcuffs. Mr. Xxxxxxx was then seated on the curb and unit 200 was requested for transport back to the police headquarters. While Mr. xxxxxx was seated he continued to yell and repeatedly said “just wait your all going to die”. In an unsuccessful attempt to kick me while seated, a small bag of marijuana fell from his pant leg.

Mr. Xxxxxxx was transported back to headquarters via unit 200 and processed by Lt. Lavey in the usual manner. Mr. Xxxxxx will be charged with the following:

9/96 – Possession of a dangerous weapon – knife

268/32B – Resisting arrest

Xxxxxx was also issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation R7880001, for possession of marijuana that will be placed in his property.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira #320

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