Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Thomas BAVIS (A&B)

On 9/28/2016 while assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division I was on an investigation when I observed (3) males and (1) female sitting on a bench on Elm Street in front of the Dollar Store. I was walking to my unmarked cruiser that was parked across from the Dollar store when I observed the defendant pushing and arguing with one of the males. Then the defendant started to argue and he pushed another male. I called for a back patrol unit and the defendant took his leather jacket off and he ran toward the corner of Chester Street/Elm Street and I observed the defendant punched the victim with a closed fist and he struck the victim on the right side of his face, knocking him back, but not falling.

I ran to that location with Officer Remigio when he arrived on scene with other patrol units. The defendant was placed under arrest by this Reporting Detective for a simple assault and battery in my presence. The defendant was transported by Wagon #200 to Police Headquarters for the proper booking.



Respectfully submitted,

Ernest J. Nadile Jr.

Detective #100


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