Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Deborah WINTER (PWID Class A, Poss. Class E, Drug Violation near School)

The following is a brief summary of incident #16062312. It does not contain every minute detail of the incident.


The Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit has been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation on Ms. Deborah A. Winter along with her boyfriend, XXXXX who is alleged to be her co-conspirator. This drug investigation was initiated upon the cultivation of intelligence from a confidential source regarding the ongoing Heroin distribution operation stemming from Winter’s residence located at 43 Bow Street, Somerville MA and other locations in close proximity to her residence. At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was presented before the Somerville District Court seeking authorization to search the person of Deborah A. Winter and the residence located at 43 Bow Street, Somerville, MA. The requested search warrant application was subsequently approved and issued by the Somerville District Court authorizing the search of:


#1- The residence located at 43 Bow Street, Somerville, Ma 02143

(search warrant docket #1610-SW-0062).

#2- The person of Deborah A. Winter and any person present who may be found to have such property in his/her possession or under his/her control or to whom such property may have been delivered. (search warrant docket #1610-SW-0062).


During the morning of October 1st, 2016 Detectives Brioso, Cicerone, Costa, and I established surveillance around Ms. Winter’s residence under the supervision of Sgt. Rego. Around 9:45 a.m., detectives observed XXXXX leaving the rear entrance of the apartment (on Summer Street) with some items that he placed in his car. After getting in the car, he exited the parking lot and headed westbound on Summer Street, a public way in the City of Somerville. XXXXX currently resides with Ms. Winter. A surveillance team has observed his car in the residence parking lot at all hours during the day and night. We also located mail addressed to XXXXX with the 43 Bow Street address along with shoes, clothing, and other personal items throughout the apartment. During periodic surveillance of the residence, observations of XXXXX leaving the residence were made. On a couple of occasions, he was seen meeting with an individual for a brief time during which a quick hand to hand transaction was made. After this brief encounter, surveillance observed XXXXX walking directly to and entering the residence at 43 Bow Street without meeting with any other individual. Such observation confirmed information obtained from a confidential source that XXXXX is also involved in the alleged distribution of a Class A controlled substance (Heroin).


Minutes after, Ms. Winter was observed exiting the residence through the front door and heading toward Somerville Avenue. Detectives followed her for a few minutes and eventually stopped her on Somerville Avenue. We displayed our badges and identified ourselves as Somerville Police Detectives. I asked Ms. Winter if she had anything on her that we should know about. She replied “Yes, I’ve got some Heroin in my jacket and in my bag in a prescription bottle.” I then informed Ms. Winter of the existing search warrant for her person and her residence. We then proceeded back to 43 Bow Street to execute the search of the residence.


Upon arrival at her residence, I read Ms. Winter her rights pursuant to Miranda from a card that I keep in my pocket. She stated that she understood everything that I read, and decided to waive her right to remain silent. I told her that we have been watching her residence and her activities for months. I then told her that we had reason to believe she was involved in the distribution of Heroin. Ms. Winter appeared to be surprised and then she said: “I was just about to quit. I already told some my customers to look for another supplier ’cause I was getting out.” I asked what is it that you were about to quit? She replied “You know, selling dope”. I engaged her in a series of questions and answers during which she admitted to selling Heroin for a few years to a small number of loyal customers. I would like to note that while we were executing the search warrant, a couple of individuals came to the residence. One came through the front and the other through the rear door. Both individuals asserted that they were there to purchase Heroin from Ms. Winter or XXXXX. Another observation detectives made was that Ms. Winter’s cell phone was ringing non-stop and mostly it was unsaved numbers that kept displaying on the screen, as opposed to callers’ names. Based on my training and experience, this is typical of a dealer not to save all customers’ contacts in their phone.


Detectives began the search in the bedroom where they found 1 baggie containing heroin on top of the bed in plain view. Detectives also found a digital scale and several empty baggies in the defendant’s apartment. The scale is consistent with the type that can be used to weigh drugs. As the search continued, Detective Brioso found several baggies of Heroin in the kitchen on top of a kitchen cabinet. All the baggies were uniformly packaged in a way suggesting retail sales. Some Xenax and Gabapentin pills were also recovered. A Foxwoods date book used as drug Ledger was also found in Ms. Winter’s pocketbook by Sergeant Rego along with eight hundred ninety-three dollars in US Currency ($893.00).


Based on my training and experience and the evidence seized at the residence, I concluded that there is enough to believe that these are common elements associated in the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances. Ms. Winter was placed under arrest and transported back to the Somerville Police Station to be booked by the lieutenant in charge. I will file a criminal complaint against XXXXX for his involvement in this alleged distribution of Heroin.


Respectfully submitted,




Det. Guerdy Legros #280

Somerville Police Dept.


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