Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Steeve ALPHONSE (Poss. of Dangerous Weapon)

I, Officer Michael Marra, report the following summary of events based on direct and indirect interview with the persons named.


          On Wednesday September 21, 2016, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 873, patrolling area E3, for the Somerville Police Department. Riding with me was Officer McCarey #298. At approximately 7:55 pm we were dispatched along with Unit E2 Officer Isaacs to Bolton Street, a public way in the city of Somerville, for a report of a suspicious motor vehicle silver in color.


          Upon arrival units encountered a silver Volkswagen Sedan parked in front of 7 Bolton Street and occupied by two individuals. I could immediately detect a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver was identified as XXXXX, the registered owner of the Volkswagen. The passenger was identified as Steeve Alphonse.


          While Officer Isaacs was engaged with the driver, I observed on the sidewalk next to the vehicle a paper floor mat, an empty Fiji water bottle and packaging to blunt wrappers. Inside the vehicle I observed another paper floor mat and a Fiji water bottle; both items were consistent with the design of the items on the sidewalk. I asked Alphonse (passenger) to clean up the trash on the ground before he left the area; as he stepped out of the passenger door, I observed a gold folding knife clipped to his right front pocket. I secured the knife (approximately 3.5 inches in length) and asked Alphonse if he had any other weapons or dangerous items on him. At this time, I conducted a pat-frisk for any additional weapons on Alphonse. During the pat frisk I could feel an object which was consistent with a folding knife deep in his right pocket; I removed then secured a black and silver folding knife (approximately 3.25 inches in length). While pat frisking Alphonse’s rear right pocket I felt a hard item with an outline consistent with brass-knuckles. I removed then secured a chrome set of brass knuckles. At this point Alphonse was handcuffed by Officer McCarey. The handcuffs were double locked and checked for tightness.


          While I was tending to Alphonse and after I discovered the gold knife, Officer Isaacs asked XXXXX to step out of the vehicle and conducted a pat-frisk which yielded negative results for weapons. Officers then searched the vehicle for weapons and found a large buck knife (approximately 4.75 inches in length) inside a backpack belonging to XXXXX. Also in the backpack was a bag of Marijuana approximately the size of a tennis ball. Inside the center console of the vehicle was a small amount of Marijuana; approximately the size of a bottle cap.


          Alphonse was informed that he was being placed under arrest for Violation of City Ordinance, Possessing Dangerous Items (Knives). Alphonse was transported back to the station by Unit 200 and booked by Lt. Rymill. Alphonse will be charged with the following:


        (9/96)VCO POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS WEAPONS, SCO 9 96 – 2 counts


Respectfully submitted,




Officer Michael Marra #338


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