Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Brawel DIAZ, Kelvin VARGAS, Michael SANTOS (Conspiracy, Utter Check, Check Forgery, Larceny by Check)

On the morning of Thursday, September 22, 2016 I was assigned to marked unit E-3. At approximately 11:54 AM I, was dispatched along with E-2 Officer Soares to 40 Union Square, the Citizens Bank for a report of a male attempting to cash a stolen check. Upon our arrival we were immediately directed to a male standing at the tellers window. The male in question was later identified as XXXXX.


     I approached XXXXX and asked him if could speak to me about the allegations. XXXXX immediately stated ” The check is a refund check for returned gym equipment.” The check amount was in the $8,000.00 range.


     After a few moments XXXXX had changed his statement to what he said was the truth. He explained that he was part of a check cashing ring out of Lawrence, Mass. He went on to say that he was not alone, and there was three other men with him. He gave us a description of the three men and moments later Officer Soares located them in front of Sally O’Briens on Somerville Avenue. By this point Detective Mark Pulli had arrived on scene to assist at the bank. 


      When Officer Soares radioed that he was off with the three suspects, I left the bank and headed to his location. By the time I arrived, Officer Van Nostrand and Sgt. Capasso were on scene to assist. The three men were advised as to why they were being detained and asked if they knew why we were talking to them. The three men stated “No.” 


     The three men were read their Miranda rights by Officer Van Nostrand. It was at this point all of the men started telling us what had transpired at the bank before the arrival of the police. Detective Pulli was advised of their statements, and he then requested that they be transported to the police station. Through information gathered at scene, the vehicle used for transport to Somerville was located on Walnut Street, and it contained Approximately $14,000.00 in cash. The three men were questioned by Detective Pulli and charges will be filed by him.



Respectfully submitted,

Officer Robert M. Pasqualino #271

Somerville Police Department


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