Somerville Squeezebox Slam 2016 Hits Davis Square

Photos by Frank Santangelo and Rosalee Zammuto 

By William Tauro 

This past Sunday, The City of Somerville Arts Council and The Nave Gallery presented the 5th Somerville Squeezebox Slam 2016.

A celebration, of accordions, button boxes and other free reed instruments.

As with the first festival,accordionists of all skill levels and musical genres were invited to stroll around the neighborhoods of Somerville, shared their melodious sounds, and like pied pipers from an alternative fairy tale, beckon all to come and follow them as they headed to Davis Square for a concert of some of New England’s finest squeezebox players. 

Talented residents dusted off their grandfather’s squeezebox that’s been sitting in the attic and joined the event for an afternoon of pumping the bellows! Accordion themed art/crafts were for sale. Curated by Michael McLaughlin.

From 12-3pm accordionists strolled around Somerville, ultimately congregating in Davis Sq. Local accordionists brought their boxes, band together or find their own corner and play. 

There were no rules! This was accordion anarchy as the crowd on musicians headed to Seven Hills park in Davis Square where the party continued to play.

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