Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Nicholas SALAMI (Carry Firearm, Possess w. Intent Class D)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #16014068:


Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit initiated a drug investigation of Mr. Nicholas Salami and his alleged role in the ongoing distribution of Marijuana. The alleged distribution occurs from his residence located at 29 Merriam Street #1, Somerville, MA 02143. This investigation was launched upon receiving intelligence and cooperation from a confidential source.  


At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me at the Somerville District Court on Friday, March 11, 2016. The search warrant (1610-SW-0010) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:


#1- The residence of 29 Merriam Street #1, Somerville, MA 02143 (search warrant docket # 1610SW0010).

#2- The person of Nicholas Salami, date of birth XX/XX/XX (search warrant docket # 1610SW0010).


On Saturday, March 12, 2016, Sergeant Detective Rego along with Detectives Brioso, Costa, Collette and I set up surveillance around 29 Merriam Street. At approximately 9:00 A.M., marked units East-3, Officer Monaco, and East-2, Officer Ducasse, assisted Detectives with executing the search warrant at 29 Merriam Street. As all units were attempting to walk in the rear of the house, we were met by XXXXX. We informed XXXXX of the search warrant. XXXXX pointed to a door leading to the first floor apartment. Detectives knocked and announced our presence and entered the unlocked door to the apartment. Mr. Nicholas Salami was found inside of the first floor apartment and shown a copy of the search warrant. At this time, I read Nicholas Salami his rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I keep in my wallet. Mr. Salami stated he understood his rights. Mr. Salami was seated inside of the kitchen as the search warrant was executed.  


I began to speak with Nicholas Salami and asked him if there were any weapons inside of the house. Nicholas replied that there were not. I then asked Mr. Salami if there was any Marijuana or other drugs in the residence. Mr. Salami stated that there was in fact some Marijuana inside a closet in his bedroom. Nicholas was then walked to his closet where he pointed out a bag filled with a green, leafy substance. In my training and experience I believed this green, leafy substance to be Marijuana. Nicholas said he did not believe there to be any other Marijuana inside the house. I would like to note that a digital scale with a small paper cup on top was found directly to the left of the Marijuana.  


As Sergeant Rego was searching the same closet where Nicholas stored his Marijuana, he found a black Jansport backpack. Sergeant Rego noticed the backpack to be weighed down. Inside of this black Jansport backpack, Sergeant Rego located a silver Smith and Wesson 38 Special revolver. This firearm was loaded with four .38 Special rounds of ammunition. At this time, I asked Nicholas Salami for his license to carry a firearm. Nicholas stated, “I do not have a license to have a gun.” During a conversation with Mr. Salami, he stated, “I only have that so that I can protect my daughter. I would never use it.” Also found inside of that black Jansport backpack, Sergeant Rego located an empty Walther magazine. I asked Mr. Salami where the firearm was for this magazine. Mr. Salami stated he was not sure. 


Mr. Nicholas Salami was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer C. Fusco, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio. Mr. Salami’s money and cell phone were seized and will be processed during forfeiture proceedings. All items were placed into evidence by Detective J. Costa. Please see Detective Costa’s supplemental report for information regarding the evidence found. Photos were taken by Sergeant Rego and will be available upon request.


Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279



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