Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Lisa Ann MEDEIROS (Shoplifting, Remove Theft Device)

On Saturday, March 12th, 2016 I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform and assigned to marked unit East-1 during the evening shift. The following report is a summary of events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident #16014213:


At approximately 9:09 pm I was dispatched along with Officer Timothy Van Nostrand (Sector-East) to a report of a female shoplifter inside the Puma factory outlet located at 341 Artisan Way. I arrived a short time later and met with Puma employee XXXXX outside the store. XXXXX stated to me there was a female with a backpack inside of his store. XXXXX stated he had witnessed this female select a large amount of merchandise, and enter the fitting room. When the female exited the fitting room, she did not have the merchandise, and the merchandise was not inside the fitting room. XXXXX stated he did find several empty hangers inside the fitting room she had occupied.


I entered the store and approached the female that XXXXX pointed out to me. I observed that the female suspect had a pink backpack that appeared to be stuffed with something. I asked the suspect if I could speak with her and she agreed. I asked the suspect, subsequently identified as Lisa Medeiros, if she had placed any of the store’s merchandise in her bag, and she stated yes. Ms. Medeiros then asked if she could just return the merchandise to the store and leave, without “charging me with another larceny.”


Inside of Ms. Medeiros’s backpack I recovered 2 hooded sweatshirts, a gray sweatshirt, two pairs of sweat pants, and three pairs of socks, all belonging to Puma. The total value of the merchandise equaled $317.00. After running Ms. Medeiros name through Somerville Control, it was discovered that she had a warrant for shoplifting from Cambridge District Court. I placed Ms. Medeiros under arrest for Larceny Over $250, handcuffing her in a manner consistent with my training and double locking the handcuffs.


A pat frisk of Ms. Medeiros’s person revealed that she had a pair of needle nose pliers in her right jacket pocket. Based upon my training and experience, I know that shoplifters use pliers such as these to remove theft detection devices. Based on the possession of the pliers, coupled with the shoplifting activity Ms. Medeiros was engaged in, I will be charging Ms. Medeiros with Unlawful Possession of Theft Detection Device Remover.


Ms. Medeiros was transported back to the Somerville police station in prisoner transport unit-200, operated by Officer Brian Pavao. At the station, Ms. Medeiros was booked by the Commanding Officer, Lt. Michael Mulcahy. I secured the pliers and entered them into evidence in the usual manner. I took a digital photograph of the stolen merchandise, and will be added digitally to this report.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295



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