Somerville Mayor:Bobby Jindal Is At It Again


By Mayor Joseph Curtatone

He’d like to throw me and every other mayor of a sanctuary city in jail. I’m not fond of filling our jails with political prisoners because I think it’s as un-American as you can get. Yet aside from that, the crime rate in Somerville and Louisiana are matters of public record. I’ll post them both below and I think it’s pretty clear whose policies have been more effective at reducing crime.
Rate per 1,000
Somerville – Murder (0.0), Rape (0.23), Robbery (0.66), Assault (1.55), Burglary (5.41), Theft (12.82)

Louisiana – Murder (0.11), Rape (0.35), Robbery (1.20), Assault (3.53), Burglary (8.90), Theft (24.94)
Somerville is below the national average in every category while Louisiana is above the national average in every category. If Gov. Jindal had Somerville’s numbers, he’d be front and center in the prime time debate instead of fishing for divisive, thoughtless applause lines in the also-rans’ debate.

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