Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week Choice and You Decide

Letter to the Editor:Does Steve Wynn Have The Midas Touch or What?

How can Steve Wynn, on a very polluted piece of raw muddy land clean it up so its environmentally safe and build a multi-billion dollar casino on it and get it rolling when we cant event get the Green line to lay a lousy four miles of track for a billion dollars. What’s wrong with this picture?


We have all these sorry ass politicians that keep on stalling the project and of course the more you stall it, the more it’s going to cost us the tax payers in the future with interest and not to mention yearly inflation. Do we need Steve Wynn to run for office here in Massachusetts to get things rolling? What’s maybe even better is if he becomes Donald Trump’s running mate to run this country like a business and get it back into shape!

Does this topic deserve to be the “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week”, we don’t know who does so you decide!

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We’ve decided to take a different approach on local topics and introduce “The Somervillen Voice!”

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This fine city is made up of so many nice people and that sometimes only they need a little encouragement to make it a little better. Thus electing weekly candidates as the “Weekly “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week!”


Local topic controversy and discussion is good, good for the community and good for blood flow!


What topic is the most deserving of that title for the world to see for any recent good deed or mind boggling thing that may have recently occurred in our city!

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