Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Disorderly Conduct Arrest 




On Sunday, August 20th, 2015, I, Officer Schneider, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit East-4 during the evening shift. The following report is a summary of what I witnessed that day, as it pertained to incident #15046769:


At approximately 8:20 pm I was informed by a citizen that there was a male at the intersection of Broadway and Main Street who was standing in the street, banging on car windows as they passed, and shouting at the top of his lungs. Approximately 10 minutes earlier I had stopped and spoken with a male in that area, Paul Capotosto, who was intoxicated and had been yelling. I notified dispatch and made my way to the area along with Officer Jason Costa (West-5).


As I drove my cruiser up to the intersection, I witnessed Mr. Capotosto standing in the street shouting at vehicles as they passed by him. Mr. Capotosto was creating a scene, that had captured the attention of several passerby, who were beginning to congregate in small crowds to watch his antics. Mr. Capotosto was unsteady on his feet and stumbling around as he attempted to stand still and I could smell the strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath as he spoke. I determined that Mr. Capotosto was a danger to himself and with the assistance of Officer Costa, placed him into handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training.


Mr. Capotosto began to struggle with Officer Costa and I, and we pushed him against the cruiser as we waited for the prisoner transport unit. Mr. Capotosto began hitting his head against the hood of the cruiser while yelling: “you Malden cops have nothing better to do,” and stating he was going to sue us. Officer Costa and I wrestled Mr. Capotosto to the ground in order to prevent him from banging his head against anything, where we held him until prisoner transport unit-200 arrived on scene, operated by Officer Brian Pavao. After Mr. Capotosto was loaded into the prisoner transport unit, I heard a loud banging noise coming from the back of the van as though he was kicking the inside of the van. Mr. Capotosto was transported back the police station by Officer Pavao, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Richard Lavey.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295



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