Real Life Somerville Police Stories: disorderly conduct arrest

On Friday, August 21st, 2015, I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit East-1 during the evening shift. The following is a summary of the events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident #15041216:


At approximately 6:12 pm, I was dispatched along with Officer Christopher Collette (East-4), to the area of 76 Broadway for a report of an intoxicated white male wearing a black baseball hat, black shorts a red shirt. The male was reportedly punching cars on Broadway as they passed him. I arrived a short time later in the area but was unable to locate a male matching the description.


Approximately five minutes later, Detective James Slattery (D-21) notified units via radio that he observed a male matching the description in the area of Temple Street and Broadway. I began to make my way to Detective Slattery’s reported position, when Detective Slattery updated units via radio that the individual was becoming aggressive towards him.


I arrived at 300 Broadway, where I observed Detective Slattery, wearing plain clothes and his badge prominently displayed on a chain around his neck, interacting with a male who fit the description given by dispatch. The male, later identified as Edward Feeney, was assuming a fighting stance and shouting aggressive comments about fighting with Detective Slattery. I exited my cruiser and approached Mr. Feeney, ordering him to stop. Along with Detective Slattery and Officer Collette, I attempted to place Mr. Feeney into handcuffs. After one handcuff bracelet was placed on Mr. Mr. Feeney’s right wrist, he resisted by pulling him arm away from me in an attempt to break free. I repeatedly ordered Mr. Feeney to stop resisting, while wrestling with him in attempt to handcuff him. After struggling for approximately 2-3 minutes, officers were able to overcome him and place the second handcuff bracelet on his left wrist. During the struggle, Mr. Feeney made repeated death threats to Detective Slattery, such as making the statement : “you will be dead in 253 seconds,” and “I will make sure my brother kills you.”


After Mr. Feeney was placed into handcuffs, I had him sit on the curb while we waited for the prisoner transport unit. While sitting on the curb, Mr. Feeney struck out with his right foot, kicking me in my right shin causing me pain. Officers restrained Mr. Feeney by placing him on the ground. A short time later, the prisoner transport vehicle Unit-200, arrived on scene operated by Officer Brian Pavao. Mr. Feeney was transported back to the Somerville Police Station in Unit-200, where he was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer: Sergeant Diogo DeOliveira.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295

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