Real Life Somerville Police Stories: disorderly conduct and resisting arrest


On August 15th, 2015, at 4:25 a.m., I, Officer Goncalves, while in full uniform and assigned to area East 4, was dispatched to 68 Wheatland St. for multiple calls for a fight involving three males. Officers Pulli, Messaoudi, Ramirez and Sgt. Ward also responded.


Upon our arrival, Officer Pulli witnessed two males in the middle of the street arguing. The two males were highly intoxicated and confrontational with Officers, they were later identified as Mr. Thomas Dearmon and Omar Legall.


We separated the parties, while Officers began to speak with Mr. Legall, Mr. Dearmon was told to stay across the street. Officer Pulli was speaking to Mr. Legall in attempts to calm him down, he told Mr. Legall several times to leave the area and go home. Mr. Legall refused and repeatedly got in Officer Pulli’s face. Officer Pulli gave Mr. Legall plenty of opportunities to leave the area, but he grew more agitated and confrontational. Mr. Legall was yelling and causing a large commotion, at this point several concerned neighbors had begun to turn on their house lights and look out their windows. Officer Pulli realized that Mr. Legall’s tumultuous behavior was only getting worse and was causing a major disturbance, he attempted to restrain him when Mr. Legall pulled away from him and began resisting. Mr. Legall was then placed under arrest for the violation of M.G.L. c272 s53F, Disorderly Conduct and M.G.L. c268 s32B, Resisting Arrest.


Throughout Officers entire encounter with Mr. Legall, Mr. Dearmon was extremely agitated, often yelling and interrupting Officers. He made several attempts to cross the street and was told repeatedly by Officer Messaoudi and I to remain where he was. Once Officer Pulli began to place Mr. Legall under arrest, Mr. Dearmon crossed the street and attempted to make his way passed Officers and interfere with the arrest of Mr. Legall. Mr. Dearmon was then placed under arrest for the violation of M.G.L. c272 s53F, Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with a Police Officer (Common Law Crime).


Mr. Legall and Mr. Dearmon were transported to Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer Melo in marked wagon #200. Lt. Digregorio attempted to book both parties, but they were both extremely uncooperative.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer C. Goncalves, #314

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