300 Slip Marina May Be Coming to Somerville in Near Future


By William Tauro
Could Somerville be getting a swanky new high-end luxury marina in the near future?

Well that’s the talk around town and the speculation that the owners of the Assembly Row development are said to be talking about and building on the city of Somerville’s new waterfront. 

With the new high end community recently built at Assembly Row and a plans for a new state-of-the-art casino being built across the river in Everett, some say a new marina just may fit in well transforming Somerville into the “Dubai of Massachusetts” making it the perfect tourist attraction and a fun place to live, work and play. 

The proposed site for the new marina would be just outside of the Amelia Earhart Dam thats adjacent to the new Partners Healthcare building that’s currently under construction along the site of the existing soccer field. 

It is said to include a hotel restaurant, swimming pool and tennis courts as well as a shuttle ferry service to and from Boston. 

Photos by William Tauro



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