Governor Baker, Tax Relief for Working Families


Last week may have been the first week of August and many might have been on vacation, but Governor Charlie Baker and his signing pen have been active bringing tax relief to working families and consumers in Massachusetts. On Wednesday, Governor Baker signed into law the first increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in 20 years, followed Thursday by the approval of the annual Sales Tax Holiday.
During a signing ceremony featuring it’s fair share of applause and flanked by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, Senate President Stan Rosenberg, legislators, and stakeholders, Governor Baker enacted a 50% increase in the EITC, directly impacting more than 400,000 working individuals and their families in the Commonwealth.

Increasing the Massachusetts EITC from 14% to 23% of the federal version could translate to as much as $500 in additional support for those who are eligible. That is a big deal for people who are working daily to balance their family’s budget. Though this increase is something to celebrate, the work goes on to reach the Administration’s goal of an EITC of 30% of the federal EITC, or double what it was when we came into office.

“The EITC is widely regarded as one of the most effective tools for putting more money back into the hands of people who need it most, and I’m proud that, working with the legislature, we were able to increase it by more than 50% to help our working families.”

— Governor Charlie Baker




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