Real Life Somerville Police Stories:A&B WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON c265 S15A Arrest

  Michael BAPTISTA (Somerville Offense & Warrant) ArrestWhile assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit, I observed Mr. Baptista operating a vehicle. He pulled into a parking lot of the Wine and Cheese Cask and parked the vehicle. I radioed Somerville Control to check on an outstanding warrant I believed he may have. He was with an unidentified female and when he saw me he exited the vehicle and entered the store. When they exited the store the female entered the driver’s side and Mr. Baptista the passenger side.

    They confirmed the warrant and I pulled up behind them with an unmarked police vehicle with the blue lights on. I approached the vehicle with the assistance of Officer Gabaree of the Harvard University Police Department, who was in the area and saw that I was alone. Det. Thermidor arrived on scene as well.

   He was asked to exit the motor vehicle and was arrested on the warrant. He denied operating the vehicle and claimed to only have parked the car. Then he said he wasn’t driving and then said he only pulled in and parked.

   I confirmed that his right to operate had been suspended in MA. He will be charged with Operating After Suspension.



                    Respectfully submitted,


                    Det. J. Slattery Jr. B#253


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