Real Life Somerville Police Stories: speeding/Resisting Arrest/ Failure to Stop for Police Officer

Gorbatchev ROMEUS Arrest

On Friday, July 30, 2015, members of the Somerville Police Narcotic Unit were conducting surveillance in and around the area of Summer Street. Detective Cicerone had previously received a complaint from a resident of Porter Street regarding what they believed to be narcotic activity in this area.

At approximately 9:15 AM, Detective Legros observed a green Honda Accord, operated by Gorbatchev Romeus, pull into a parking spot on Porter Street. Mr. Romeus is known to members of the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit.


Within seconds of the Accord pulling over, Detective Legros observed a white male enter the passenger seat of the Accord. The Accord traveled down Porter Street, took a right turn onto Elm Street, and pulled to the right side of the road where it appeared the passenger was going to exit the vehicle. Based on our training and experience, this meaningless ride is consistent with a street level drug transaction.


As Detectives were approaching Mr. Romeus and his passenger to begin a threshold inquiry, Mr. Romeus made eye contact with me in my unmarked Police cruiser. Upon seeing me, Mr. Romeus conducted a three point turn on Elm Street. At this point, Detective Cicerone and I attempted to “box” in Mr. Romeus’s vehicle, but was unsuccessful. I then activated my emergency blue lights and siren in an attempt to stop Mr. Romeus. Mr. Romeus failed to stop for me, and at a high rate of speed (which I estimated to be over 40 mph), drove up Porter Street towards Summer Street. During this route of travel, I observed Mr. Romeus looking back several times at my unmarked cruiser equipped with lights and sirens. At this time, I radioed Somerville Police dispatch that I was attempting to stop a motor vehicle and that the vehicle was not stopping. Several marked units, including the Street Supervisor Sgt. Ward, responded to the area.


Due to Mr. Romeus’ excessive speed, I lost sight of his vehicle. As I traveled down Porter Street, I observed Romeus traveling west bound on Highland Ave past Porter Street without his male passenger. With the assistance of Officer DiFava and Officer McCarey, we were able to safely “box” in Romeus’ vehicle. I along with Officer DiFava, who was in full Police uniform, ordered Romeus out of the vehicle and onto the ground. Mr. Romeus refused our order, and stiffened up his body to prevent us from gaining control of him. It was not until I asked Officer DiFava to use his department issued OC spray that Mr. Romeus allowed us to escort him from the vehicle.


Mr. Romeus was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation # R6652222 for failing to stop for Police, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and speeding. Mr. Romeus is also being charged with resisting arrest.


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Michael Capasso #285


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