Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shopplifting at Target


On the above date, I was assigned to routine patrol in East 2. The Dispatcher informed me of a shoplifter being detained at the Target Dept. Store located on Somerville Ave. Off. Moreira and I spoke with the Loss prevention officer XXXXX. He stated that the Female detained, had attempted to defraud the Target store of $277.47 by purchasing a vacuum cleaner, and a blow dryer for the above amount. She then deposited the items in her vehicle located in the store parking lot. The Defendant then came back to the store with the receipt, reacquired the same exact items and brought them to the service desk. She then ask for a cash return for the said items. She was reimbursed. XXXXX was familiar with the Defendant in the past , he attempted to identify her , she was not carrying any picture ID. She gave him a false ID of YYYYY.. He then notified the Somerville PD. During our interview she insisted on giving a false name. Off. Moreira found credit cards with the defendant’s true name. She then recanted saying her real name was listed on the credit cards, and that she had never done this before.

         agreed to return the cash she received by deceitful pretense. She was also placed under arrest for shoplifting by false pretense.

        She was transported to the station by wagon 200 , and processed by Sgt. Marino.


                               Respectfully Submitted ,

                                                Off. Robert Driscoll #148


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