Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Assembly Row/Larceny Over $250

 Robert VENTULLO (Somerville Arrest, Somerville Warrant, Lynn Warrant and Revere Warrant) & Steven BAGLEY (Reading Warrant) Arrests
On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Detective Legros and I were conducting narcotic surveillance in a plain clothes capacity in the Home Depot / Assembly Square area. At approximately 6:20 PM, I observed a silver Mercedes with heavy front end damage enter the Home Depot parking lot. The vehicle, occupied with 4 passengers, came to a stop within close proximity to my parked unmarked vehicle. I observed the male passenger exit the front passenger seat, place a Milwaukee power drill box on his seat, and began prying at a security tag with a black screw driver. I contacted Officer Cabral in marked cruiser 671, and requested his uniformed presence to my location.


Detective Legros pulled behind the vehicle as I approached on foot, and with our badges displayed on our outer clothing, identified ourselves as Somerville Police Officers. Based on my work experience, I know that Home Depot allows customers to return items without a receipt for store credit (provided on a gift card) unless security tags are still attached. I asked the male trying to defeat the security tag for proof of purchase for the power drill, and a form of identification. The male stated that he had no receipt, and stated that his name was “XXXXX” with a date of birth of “XX/XX/XXXX.” I asked XXXXX what Home Depot store he purchased the drill at, and was unable to provide me with an answer.


The two back seat passengers provided me with their personal information (YYYYY & ZZZZZ), as did the operator of the vehicle. I queried the four individuals information on Officer Cabral’s cruiser laptop and discovered that the operator, Mr. Stephen Bagley, had an active arrest warrant out of Woburn District Court for two counts of shoplifting. Mr. Bagley was escorted out of the vehicle and placed under arrest.


Upon querying XXXXX’s information, I realized that he provided false information after viewing the license photo attached to that name and date of birth. I advised the male that if he did not provide me with his true information, I would place him under arrest for receiving stolen property. XXXXX insisted that his information was accurate and was subsequently placed under arrest (at the booking window, it was discovered that XXXXX was in fact Robert Ventullo and had 3 active warrants for his arrest). Detective Legros retrieved a Milwaukee reciprocating Sawzall (valued at $129.00) from behind Mr. Ventullo’s seat, a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer/Impact combo power drill (valued at $369.00) from Mr. Ventullo’s seat, and a Home Depot bucket (valued at $2.97) from the floor below Mr. Ventullo’s seat. Inside the bucket was twenty 1lb. lead free silver solder’s (valued at $490.40) and twelve 1/2lb. lead free silver solder’s (valued at $205.40).


The items were returned to Home Depot by Detective Legros and I, which had a total value of $1,196.77 (before tax). A copy of a receipt was obtained and will be placed in evidence. The black screw driver used by Mr. Ventullo in an attempt to remove the security tag was seized, and placed in evidence.


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Michael Capasso #285



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