On July 25, 2015 at 11:30 A.M. Somerville Dispatch received a phone call from an employee at Kelly’s Dinner located at 674 Broadway for two unwanted customers. I was dispatched along with Officer Collazo and Officer Ameral. As we made our way to 674 Broadway were had been updated by dispatch that the unwanted customers had just assaulted some of the staff and were fighting inside the restaurant. As we arrived on scene we had been advised by the restaurant employees, that the customers had fled the scene in a Massachusetts Registration TC4516. This vehicle was registered to a Ms. Evelyn Mercado at 221 Webster Ave Chelsea. Somerville Dispatch had notified the surrounding cities including Chelsea to be on the lookout for this vehicle.

I spoke with XXXXX and YYYYY, they told me that a group of five people entered the restaurant and requested a table for all five of them. The group was advised that there wasn’t any tables available for a group of that size, and were offered a space at the counter seating. After the group had been seated and served their beverages, the male party, later identified as Mr. Alex Rivera asked one of the employees if there were any available tables for the group to sit at. He was advised that there was a table available but was already being set up for another group who arrived before Mr. Rivera. At this time, Mr. Rivera and the two other individuals he was with became very agitated. They were identified as Ms. Seynabou Tavares and Ms. Evelyn Mercado. These individuals became loud and aggressive towards YYYYY and XXXXX, who are waitresses at the establishment. It seemed as if the unruly customers had decided to leave the restaurant and take their drinks with them. As they were walking to the exit, they stopped at the door and they all threw their full cups at YYYYY and XXXXX. I could visibly see the stains left behind by the contents of what was in the cups on YYYYY and XXXXX. The cup that Ms. Tavares threw struck XXXXX in the face and lacerated the bridge of her nose. YYYYY and XXXXX were then assaulted by all three individuals. Ms. Mercado punched YYYYY in the right eye leaving it red and swollen. During the altercation ZZZZZ who was sitting at the counter having coffee decided to intervene in the altercation in an attempt to stop the fight. During the altercation ZZZZZ was thrown to the ground and he sustained a laceration to his arm, which he refused medical attention. Another party, AAAAA also intervened in separating all the individuals involved in the fight. After the physical altercation had ended, the verbal tirade continued. Ms. Tavares threatened XXXXX stating “If I wasn’t pregnant I would kill you”. Given the circumstance, XXXXX felt unsafe and the police were called.


Once these individuals learned that the police were called they all got into the car and left the area, traveling east down Broadway. While Officers were on scene at 674 Broadway, Somerville Dispatch notified us that Chelsea Police Department had located that vehicle at 221 Webster Ave in the rear parking lot. Officer Collazo and Sgt Kiely went to Chelsea to identify the individuals. They were placed under arrest and transported to Chelsea Police Station where they were courtesy booked. Then the three individuals were transported back to the Somerville Police Station via 200 by station officer Cabral and a Chelsea police officer. They were booked by Lt. Vivolo in the usual manner.



Respectfully Submitted,



Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320

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