Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Receiving Stolen Property & SHOPLIFTING BY ASPORTATION Arrest at Assembly Row


Richard CIRILO (Somerville Arrest & Somerville Warrant)

On 7/17/15 at approximately 3:20 PM I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to Assembly Row Unit Alpha-2, was dispatched to the Puma store for a report of a past shoplifting incident.


Upon arrival, I met with the store manager, XXXXX who stated he observed a white female and black male enter the store together carrying multiple shopping bags and a backpack. He said both parties selected items and entered the dressing room. XXXXX stated the male later identified as Richard Cirilo exited the dressing room and proceeded to the register where he purchased 1 T-shirt. He said he checked the dressing room and saw that Cirilo left multiple items behind.


He said the female, later identified as YYYYY selected a white woman’s fitness jacket valued at $65.00 which she brought into the dressing room. He said YYYYY exited the dressing room without the jacket and then proceeded directly out of the store.


I reviewed the CCTV video and was able to obtain a still picture of both individuals entering the store. I then exited the store and began looking around the Assembly Row area for Cirilo and YYYYY.


As I was standing at the corner of Canal St. and Assembly Row, I observed Cirilo exit Saks Off 5th and cross Canal St and walk in the direction of the T-Station. I observed that he was carrying the same backpack and shopping bags he had in Puma and he was carrying the shopping bags YYYYY was carrying while in Puma. 


I approached Cirilo at the T-Station and explained to him the reason why I was stopping him. He provided his identification which when checked through CJIS showed he had an active warrant out of Somerville District court for 2 counts of shoplifting 3rd offense. At this time Cirilo was placed under arrest.


I searched Cirilo’s bags and found several items from multiple shops at Assembly Row with the tags still on them. Cirilo stated he had purchased some of the items. He produced receipts from Puma, TJ Maxx, and Express, however the receipts did not account for all the merchandise he had in his possession. Cirilo also had a cell phone with him that he said was not his. While attempting to identify the owner of the cell phone, I was able to identify the phone owner as YYYYY based on information contained in the phone.


Cirilo was transported to the Somerville Police Station and booked in accordance with department policies by Lt. Sheehan.


I conducted a follow-up investigation at TJ Maxx, Puma, Saks, and Express and was able to determine that all of the items Cirilo had in his possession, that he did not have receipts for, were never purchased. I obtained transaction receipts from each store which in all totaled $414.71.


I notified Cirilo that I was charging him with Receiving Stolen Property over $250(Felony) M.G.L. c266 s60.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Pulli #311


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