Real Life Somerville Police Stories:B&E Arrest


Robin PARTEE Arrest

On the above time and date, I along with several units responded to 424 Norfolk Street for the report of a male that just caught a female breaking into his vehicle. Upon arrival, I along with East 1 (Ofc Vanostrand), Observed a female later identified as Robin Partee, along with the victim (XXXXX) Standing in the driveway Of 424 Norfolk Street arguing. I then pulled XXXXX aside, so that he can advise me what happened, as East 1 (Ofc Vanostrand) stayed with the female.

XXXXX advised me that he returned home from the bakery and parked his vehicle in his driveway and that he walked into his residence, leaving his car doors unlocked. About a minute later XXXXX went back outside to his driveway to retrieve an item from his car, and that was when he observed a female later identified as Robin Partee sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, rummaging through his things. XXXXX then opened the driver’s side door and pulled the female out of his vehicle. XXXXX then advised me the female then wanted to retrieve a backpack she forgot in XXXXX’s vehicle but he would not let her retrieve it and that was when he called the police.

I then had a brief conversation with Robin, who was intoxicated. Robin’s responses to my questions on why she was in XXXXX vehicle were fruitless. At this point, I placed Robin under arrest for the above referenced charge. Marked transport unit #200 was then requested, where Robin was then transported back to the Somerville Police Station by Ofc Pavao, so that she can be processed according to department procedure by Lt. McCain.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Jason Costa #301

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