“The Rock” Filming Movie in Somerville


Photo by Debi Lydon Mitrano

By William Tauro

You may have noticed the huge tents and movie equipment set up in front of the Somerville Department of Public Works at Trum Field early Monday morning.

Hollywood superstars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart will be filming a fight scene for the new movie “Central Intelligence” inside the On The Hill Tavern in Magoun Square for two days.

One of the scenes is of Johnson and Hart in a barroom brawl at the Magoun Square tavern.

But dont get too excited waiting to see Somerville on the silver screen just yet. We were told that film crews removed any signage and memorabilia on the walls of the pub that reflected Somerville or Boston because the movie story film script is supposed to take place in Philadelphia.

Bottom photos by Lisa Duggan








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