Letter to the Editor: Wahlburg Family & New Kids Treat Somerville Resident to Concert



Dear Arthur, Donny and Mark Wahlberg, The Wahlburgers Foundation, Billy Tauro and the entire staff at Boston News Group/Somerville News Weekly

I am writing to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing my sister Patricia Pimentel great tickets to the June 25 2015 New Kids On The Block Concert at the garden. As you are aware my sister has been battle stage 4 breast cancer and it has been very difficult for her. That night of the concert i got to experience my sister Patricia glow, smile, and once again enjoy life.

It was great to meet you as well as your girlfriend Teresa.

Please give my thanks to everyone who made this night possible for Patricia and to the NKOTB for yet another awesome concert.
My sister Patricia and I have been HUGE fans since day one. Also i have attached some pictures from that night.

Michelle DaSilva




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