Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Open Container/Disorderly Conduct Arrest



The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #15025628:

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, I was working the Underage Alcohol Enforcement Grant along with Sergeants Chaille and Gobiel. At approximately 5:20 P.M. we were traveling East on Broadway from Lincoln Street towards Mt. Vernon Street. Directly in front of 52 Broadway we observed a male party, later identified as Mr. Edwin Vasquez, consuming a forty ounce beer on the sidewalk. Mr. Vasquez was observed walking back and forth on the sidewalk consuming this large bottle of beer decreasing the quality of life for residents and business owners of this neighborhood. Sergeants Chaille, Gobiel, and I asked Mr. Vasquez for his identification and explained to him that he could not consume alcohol in public. Mr. Vasquez started becoming belligerent as he yelled, “Go fucking find some real criminals.” At this time, I radioed Somerville control that we had a male stopped for a liquor violation at this address. Marked unit East-4, Officer Canty, responded to our location.

Mr. Vasquez was found with a half consumed forty ounce bottle of Miller High Life beer which was still cold. As I was writing down Mr. Vasquez’s information, he became increasingly upset, constantly yelling, and getting business owners as well as residents to come outside to see what was happening. Mr. Vasquez was asked to calm down numerous times but refused to. I once again explained to Mr. Vasquez that drinking in public was an arrestable offense to which he yelled, “Go to the fucking projects and arrest those people. You guys are pieces of shit.” As I looked around I noticed the flow of vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic had slowed and stopped to watch Mr. Vasquez’s commotion. At this time, I placed Mr. Vasquez under arrest. Post arrest, two 200 ML bottles of Old Thompson Whiskey were found on Mr. Vasquez’s person. One bottle was half consumed while the second bottle only had a small amount of Whiskey remaining.

Mr. Vasquez was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Pavao. While trying to book Mr. Vasquez, he became extremely belligerent and refused to be booked which included being photographed and fingerprinted. Mr. Vasquez was placed into holding cell 1 to calm down. During a routine check of Mr. Vasquez, Officer Pavao found that holding cell 1 became flooded with water due to Mr. Vasquez purposely running water and plugging the drain to the sink.

Respectfully submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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