Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Disorderly Conduct Arrest



On Monday, June 1, 2015, at 2:21 P.M., while assigned to marked unit West-6 I, Officer Moreira was dispatched to Mikes Pizza located at 9 Davis Sq. for a female who appeared to be intoxicated asleep at one of the tables.
As I arrived on scene I was met by who works at the establishment, she was pointing to a female sitting at the table asleep with her feet up on the table in the middle of the restaurant. I approached the female, later identified as Ms. Marsha Cargil), and asked her to wake up and that it was time to leave. She immediately jumped up and when she realized that I was standing there she asks me ” what do you want?” I told her that it was time to leave to get her belongings and be on her way. I then asked the her for an I.D. and she said, ” no don’t do this to me ” she began to gather her things and started to walk out the door. As she was walking towards the door she walked past the register where she made a remark to the cashier which I did not hear. She then stopped and turned around and started to walk back to where she was seated, left her bags and attempted to go use the restroom. I told Ms. Cargill that she was not allowed to use the restroom at this establishment that she needs to go somewhere else to use the restroom. Ms. Cargill completely ignored my statement and tried to push her way by me while I was standing in front of the restroom door. At this time I radioed into Somerville Control to have another unit as backup as Ms. Cargill started to become very agitated and loud inside the restaurant. Many of the patrons attending this establishment stopped eating their food and watched Ms. Cargill who was yelling at myself and some off the patrons.

As Officer Difava and Sgt. Kennelly arrived on scene, Ms Cargill left her belongings in the middle of the restaurant and walked outside and stormed across the street yelling ” the Somerville Police Department is useless and you all are irrelevant!”, cutting in and out of moving traffic making vehicles come to an immediate stop. She ran across the street to Starbucks to use the restroom. When she returned from Starbucks she continued her verbal tirade , yelling and throwing her arms in the air causing a scene. Many vehicles were slowing down to see what the issue was and patrons of other establishments began to exit to watch what was going on.

I advised Ms. Cargill that she needs to lower her voice and gather her belongings and leave under her own free will otherwise she would be subject to arrest. At that moment it seemed that Ms. Cargill understood the seriousness of the situation and began to walk away. She stopped once again and came back to where I was standing along with and continued to insult us. I advised Ms. Cargill once again to leave, but she only took about three steps before she repeated the process. This occurred multiple times, Ms. Cargill made it only about 10 feet away from the entrance of the restaurant, with numerous orders to leave. Ms. Cargill was given multiple opportunities to leave the area, she was eventually placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. Once she was placed in handcuffs, she became extremely hostile and began to yell even louder. A pedestrian walking by heard the inappropriate comments that Ms. Cargill was yelling at us, and his eyes opened wide and his face turned red as he walked by in embarrassment.

Once Ms.Cargill was in handcuffs and eventually began to calm down, I was able to leave her with Officer Difava and Sgt. Kennelly so that I could speak with told me that before Ms. Cargill fell asleep at the table she had ordered a sandwich and was not satisfied with it so she threw the plate and the sandwich on the floor breaking the plate. Ms. Cargill was also harassing the employees and calling some of the customers names.

Ms. Cargill will be charged with M.G.l. c272 S53/F – Disorderly Conduct. She was transported by marked unit 200 by Officer Teves to the Somerville Police Department and booked by Sgt Tam in the usual manner.

Ms. Cargill had a cat in a pet carrier which was taken into custody by Somerville Animal Control and will be held until Ms. Cargill is capable of taking possession of the cat.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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