Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Larceny Over $250



On the above date and time, I was dispatched to 180 Somerville Avenue, Target, for a detained shoplifter.

Upon my arrival, I was met by loss prevention, stated that he observed the defendant, Shonda Coleman, walking through the lingerie aisle placing numerous pieces of under garments into a shopping carriage without ever checking the sizes of the under garments. Coleman walked past the cash registers while pushing a full carriage of unpaid merchandise, and she was detained at the main entrance by.

When I spoke to Coleman, she identified herself to me as Tiana Goode, D.O.B. 04/06/1998 and also D.O.B. 04/06/1997. Note: A query through the registry of motor vehicles yielded negative results. I asked Coleman for her mother’s phone number so that I could call her to arrange for Coleman to be picked up. Coleman stated that her mother, Christin Goode, worked at Macy’s in the Watertown Mall. Note: According to the Watertown Mall website, Macy’s does not exist at that mall, and the mall closes on Sundays at 18:00 hours, and this incident at Target, occurred at 19:16 hours. Therefore, there were two contradictions to Coleman’s statements.

Coleman was placed under arrest, and transported to the Somerville Police Station in prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200, where she was booked and processed in the usual manner by Lt. William Rymill. During the booking process, she identified herself to Lt. Rymill, and Officer Juan Ducasse (Fingerprinting Officer), as Tiana Goode. I was also present to assist with the booking and fingerprinting. While fingerprinting Coleman, I informed her that due to the fact that she gave many inconsistent statements, she would be charged with the additional charge of furnishing a false name, if her fingerprints did not match her booking information. She immediately replied, “Well, that is the name I go by.” I then asked for the name that is on her birth certificate to which she replied, Shonda Coleman, Note: A query through the registry of motor vehicles confirmed her identity as Shonda Coleman. It was also discovered that Christin Goode is Coleman’s aunt and not her mother.

Copies of the first set of booking sheets containing the name Tiana Goode will be included with this report as evidence, and video footage of the theft, will be available by Woodruff upon request. Photographs of the receipt containing the stolen items were taken, and are available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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