Somerville High School Students Earn CNA Certification

On Wednesday, May 13th, nine Somerville High graduating seniors from the CTE Health Careers Program earned their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification by passing a two-part CNA Exam which consisted of a written and a practical exam. A tester from the American Red Cross tested each student. Each student was required to bring in an actor in order to perform their skills.
Students were given two random skills to demonstrate, such as range of motion, transferring a patient to a wheelchair, denture care, taking a patients’ temperature/pulse/respiration/blood pressure, dressing a patient with one-sided weakness , mouth care and putting a patient on a bed pan. The following students passed both the written and practical exams and are now Certified Nursing Assistants. These students are all continuing their education and will use their CNA certification to work while also attending school: Tiffany Castro, Christ Civil, Naomi Guiterrez, Zakaria Kernis, Deirdre Matthews, Elizabeth Sousa, Stephanie Valladaes, Wilbens Vincent, Arlin Varela.

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