Welcome to Inner City Baseball, SOMERVILLE THUNDER


By Skip Murray

Hey, there is a new, exciting brand of high level baseball being played in our Somerville town. It is called The Somerville Thunder, of the Inner City League.

If you know Inner City League baseball, you know you are going to see high quality baseball from beginning to end, and the best part is that all their home games are conveniently played at Trum Field. So, it is easy drive, or walk, to see Somerville’s newest team. Come on, take that ride, or that walk, to Trum Field and enjoy some really good baseball. What a night out.

The Thunder roster is high filled with current or former college players, as well as former professional players.

Personally, I am familiar with at least three of the players on this team. One I have followed since Little League, who is now in college and is pitching to a below 2 ERA. Another of these players hit a home run for his Oklahoma college team to win a championship. In fact, he hit a home run in the opening game for the Thunder. He’s off to a good start.

A third player, former Somerville high school player, and former professional player, Douglas Diaz, The Thunder’s catcher, is a coach on the AAU New England Champion Valdez Baseball Academy, DEFENDERS team. And wow, can he hit.

The Thunder is managed by Bill Smeglin, who has had a long and distinguished baseball career in the Inner City League, and now is piloting this team.

So, check out the team’s homepage, schedule and all other information you need to get to know the team, and come by and see baseball in Somerville as you have never seen it before: The Somerville Thunder.

Top photo:Douglas Diaz, Somerville resident, catcher for the Thunder


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