Somerville SCALE Walk-a-Thon Review

Wow! Were you there for SCALE’s Walk-a-Thon this year? If not, you missed a great event. SCALE students and staff rallied together in the front foyer before walking, gathering balloons and other paraphernalia for the walk. Together, we exited SCALE into a beautiful, sunny morning atmosphere. This year’s event hosted close to 55 walkers, with at least 40 representing the SCALE student body.

The group walked from SCALE around to the Minute Man Bike Path on Massachusetts Avenue. From there, we walked down the path to Davis Square. We walked in and around Davis and back up Holland Street past Dave’s Fresh Pasta, and on to the SCALE parking lot in a little under one hour’s time. The total walk was at least 1.5 miles.

So far, this year’s Walk-a-Thon efforts brought in roughly $2,000.00 for the Student Scholarship Fund. That is money that will allow scholarship recipients to take classes over the summer, pay for test fees, buy books related to their academic goals, and get the resources they need to move ahead with their scholastic and professional careers.

We were especially lucky this year to receive business donations in over $150.00 from Cambridge Naturals, Liquor World, and the Alibrandi Barber Shoppe.

Upon return from our walk, SCALE had set out cookies and waters for students. We rejoiced in a walk well done before students went back to class with their teachers. By the end, students came back energized and enthusiastic! Special thanks is due to the SCALE Walk-A-Thon coordinators, Doreen Curreri and Maureen McGovern. Additionally “Thanks!” goes to Shirley Taylor for her feet shaped cookies.

If you missed this year’s Walk-a-Thon, don’t fret. We are looking forward to another one next year.






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