Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Unarmed Robbery


JESSICA INDIANIE DESOUZA and a juvenile Arrests

On the above date and time an unarmed robbery took place on the corner of Brook Street and Glen Street in the City of Somerville.
The victim, xxxxx was approached by a friendly female in front of 160 Broadway as he was walking home from Sullivan Station. Prior to approaching , the female identified as Jessica DeSouza was sitting on a bench located in front of 160 Broadway with a black male, identified as xxxxxxxxx As Jessica engaged xxxxxx in a conversation xxxxx got up from the bench and started walking on Broadway in the opposite direction. Jessica compliments on his good looks and gets him to agree to take a walk.xxxxx and Jessica took a left from Broadway on to Cross Street, walked a block and turned left on Brook Street; at the corner of Brook Street and Glen Street was ambushed by three black males who took his cell phone and wallet. Prior to the ambushxxxxx was able to recognize one of the three males as the one that was sitting on the bench with Jessica. All three males along with Jessica ran north on Glen Street towards Broadway. Rolando ran after Jessica and when he got to the corner of Glen Street and Broadway he was ambushed by xxxxx. This allowed Jessica to gain some distance from xxxxx. Xxxxxxxxxx yell for help. All three went to Rolando’s aid. Jessica and xxxxx headed west on Broadway.

Shortly after the above noted took place Officer Goncalves and me arrived on scene. With the assistance of xxxx, and xxxx Officer Goncalves managed to locate Jessica and xxxxxxx in front of 161 Broadway. Sgt. Ward, Officer Beckford, and Officer Khoury arrived on scene to assist Officer Goncalves and I in the investigation. While Officer Goncalves was interviewing Jessica and xxx, Rolando walked up to me and identified Jessica and xxxxx as two out of the four assailants that robbed him. Officer Khoury, Officer Goncalves, and Officer Beckford attempted to place xxxxx under arrest, but a struggle ensued as xxxxxx fought with the three officers in order to keep them from placing him in handcuffs.xxxxxx got himself free and ran away from the scene. A short period later xxxxxx was placed in custody after his location was called into dispatch by a good samaritan.

Cataldo Ambulance responded to 161 Broadway to evaluate xxxx injuries. xxxx was transported to the Somerville Hospital and was treated by RN, . xxxxxx suffered abrasions to the right knee, left elbow and arm, and top of his right head.

At the scene Jessica was placed under arrest for Unarmed Robbery.xxxxxx will be charged with Resisting Arrest, Unarmed Robbery, AandB, and AandB on PO.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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