Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Assembly Row Store Employee Caught Shoplifting



, I was dispatched to Sak’s Off Fifth Ave Department Store for an employee who shoplifted.

Upon arrival, I was met by the reporting party and loss prevention associate.xxxxx stated he has been investigating an employee who has been shoplifting continuously. Bettencourt finally had video evidence showing the suspect shoplifting from the store.

I watched a CCTV video located in the backroom. The video showed a black male removed a pair of shoes from a box, and stuff them in the rear of his pants. He then exits the store and enters a dark colored Nissan Sentra. A copy of this video will be made available upon request.

I identified the suspect via a Mass DL as Terrence Johnson. I read Johnson his Miranda warnings via a card I keep in my vest pocket. Johnson stated he understood his rights, and wished to speak to me. When questioned, he admitted to stealing a pair of shoes the night previous. He believed the value of the shoes to be $250. The actual value is $251.99, and a copy of the receipt will be attached to this report.

I informed Johnson that the store was interested in recouping property that has been stolen. Johnson was uncooperative with the location of the stolen shoes, or who he gave/sold them too. Johnson also alluded to various other larcenies, however he wished not to discuss them.

After giving Johnson numerous chances to be truthful, I had not choice but to place him under arrest. Johnson will be charged with Larceny Over $250. Johnson was transported to the station by Officer Pavao in unit 200, and booked by Lt. Mulcahy in the usual manner.

Sak’s will be continuing their investigation, and new charges may be pending in the future. Johnson was also suspended from his job, and trespassed until their investigation is complete.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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