Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Drug and Firearms Possession



Members of the Somerville Police Department Narcotic Unit have been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation on Gorbatchev Romeus and his alleged role in the sale / distribution of Percocet tablets, a class B controlled substance as defined by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C. This investigation was launched upon cultivating intelligence and cooperation from a confidential source.

At the culmination of this drug investigation, three search warrant applications were requested on April 14, 2015 by me at the Somerville District Court requesting a search of the following:
#1- 25 River Road, apartment #2502 (search warrant docket # 1510SW0025).
#2- A gray 2003 BMW 325XI (VIN # WBAEU33433PH90044), bearing Massachusetts Registration 195LZ4 (search warrant docket # 1510SW0026).
#3- The person of Gorbatchev Romeus, date of birth 12/01/1991 (search warrant docket # 1510SW0027).

The three search warrant applications were subsequently reviewed and approved by the Somerville District Court on April 14, 2015.

On April 16, 2015, Detective Sergeant Monte, along with Detectives’ James McNally, Doug Brioso, Fernando Cicerone, Guerdy Legros, and I, established surveillance of 25 River Road and the BMW (parked in the Healey School parking lot) in preparation of executing the three search warrants. Detective Legros observed Mr. Romeus exit his apartment and was then observed by Detective Cicerone entering his BMW located in the Arthur D. Healey School lot. The Healey School is located at 5 Meachem Street and is a public school in the City of Somerville encompassing grade levels K-8. At approximately 11:00 AM, Mr. Romeus exited the Healey School lot in his BMW and was pulled over at the intersection of Meachem Street and Moreland Street by Officer Sullivan and K9 Jax. At this point, Narcotic Detectives approached the scene with our badges displayed and secured Mr. Romeus. Detective McNally provided Mr. Romeus his rights pursuant to Miranda and was handed a copy of the search warrant.

Mr. Romeus’ BMW was towed to a secure garage located at the Somerville Police Department under the observation of Detective McNally. Mr. Romeus was brought back to his apartment and secured in Officer Catatao’s cruiser. Detectives’ Holland, Brioso, Legros and Officer Catatao knocked on the front door of 25 River Road, apartment #2502 and were greeted by a sister of Mr. Romeus. Detectives entered the residence and advised the two occupants (sisters of Romeus) that they were there to execute a search warrant and provided them with a copy of the warrants.

At this point, search warrant docket # 1510SW0025 was successfully executed. Detective McNally arrived on scene with a key obtained from Mr. Romeus and unlocked his bedroom door. Found and seized from this same bedroom was an X-Box controller which concealed a clear bag containing 36 tablets believed to be Percocet 30mg, an alarm clock which concealed a clear bag containing 48 tablets believed to be Percocet 30mg, 1 tablet believed to be Percocet 30mg, a Bersa Thunder 380 firearm (serial # D06744) with an empty magazine (under his mattress), a Sprite soda “hidden can safe”, a cell phone, and $2,260 cash. Please refer to Detective McNally’s supplemental report regarding a full inventory of property / evidence confiscated during this execution.

Inside of the Somerville Police garage, search warrant docket # 1510SW0026 was executed. Found and seized from the BMW was a clear glassine bag containing 11 tablets believed to be Percocet 30mg, two cell phones, and $190 cash. Please refer to Detective McNally’s supplemental report regarding a full inventory of property / evidence confiscated during this execution.

An inquiry on Mr. Romeus was conducted via the CJISWEB and revealed that he was not licensed to carry a firearm in Massachusetts. Officer Gardner queried the firearm’s serial number and discovered that it was reported stolen on December 08, 2014 by Rodney Pitts in Atlanta, Georgia. Based on this finding, Mr. Romeus will be charged with the following:
#1- Unlawful possession of a firearm – Bersa Thunder 380 caliber.
#2- Receiving stolen property over $250 – Bersa Thunder 380 caliber firearm.
#3- Improper storage of a firearm (for leaving it unsecured under his mattress).
#4- Possession with intent to distribute a class B substance, subsequent offense – 96 Percocet 30mg tablets (Romeus is currently on pretrial probation out of Boston District Court for “DISTRIBUTE/DISPENSE CLASS B” docket # 1401CR003110A and “POSS TO DISTRIBUTE CLASS B,” docket #1401CR003110B).
#5- Drug violation near a school – Healey School (Romeus possessed 11 Percocet 30mg tablets in his BMW which was parked and eventually exited the school parking lot).

Mr. Romeus was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation # R5390253.

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