Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Somerville Police Officer Assaulted



On the above date and time, Officer Michael Ameral and I were dispatched to 37A Summer Street #2 for an unwanted irate roommate.

Lt. Sean Sheehan and I arrived on scene first. We made contact with the reporting party, Mercedes Gomez. Gomez began explaining what transpired in Spanish. At that moment I contacted Somerville Control via radio transmission, and I requested a Spanish speaking officer. As Lt. Sheehan and I were waiting for Officer Juan Ducasse to respond to the scene, Gomez’s roommate, Juan Rodesno, exited his bedroom and approached us. He made numerous attempts to grab Lt. Sheehan’s arm and sleeve as well as my ballistic vest. At that moment I placed Rodesno in handcuffs for his safety as well as our safety, and he was then seated on a plastic chair. Rodesno rose from the chair a quite few times, yelling at us. After numerous attempts of trying to have Rodesno sit back down on the chair, he was placed on his stomach on the floor.

Officer Ducasse and Officer Ameral, arrived on scene. Officer Ducasse was attempting to communicate with Rodesno, when Rodesno began to kick and flail his is legs and feet, striking Officer Ameral’s legs. Note: Rodesno was bare foot when the assault on Officer Ameral took place. Officer Ameral restrained and maintained control of Rodesno’s legs, and feet and I maintained control of Rodesno’s arms and upper portion of his body.

Gomez stated to Officer Ducasse that the reason that she contacted the Somerville Police was for assistance. According to Gomez, Rodesno had been drinking alcohol excessively. As he was drinking in his bedroom, he was listening to music loudly on his radio. Gomez had asked Rodesno to turn down the music because of the time of night, and he immediately became irate and angry. He then approached Gomez with such hostility that she feared that he was going to injure her. She retreated into her bedroom, and she locked her bedroom door. It was at that moment that she contact the Somerville Police for help. Gomez stated that while officers were responding, Rodesno was thrashing and attacking the door in an attempt to gain entry into her bedroom. Note: There were 11 empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans of beer on the floor near Rodesno’s bed in plain view.

Rodesno was transported to the Somerville Police Station, in prisoner transport vehicle Unit 200. When Station Officers Diogo DeOliveira and Joseph Teves, entered the holding cell, they observed Rodesno on the floor. He had appeared to have sustained a head injury. His injuries consisted of lacerations and a bruise/swollen right eye. Rodesno was transported to Cambridge Hospital via Cataldo Ambulance for treatment.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eduardo Soares
Badge #272

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