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Sent in by our readers:

This Week’s Village Idiot choice comes in the form of a would-be thief who almost got away with it until a quick thinking transit police
officer stepped in and ruined her day!

Woman Gives Cop Fake Name, Gets Arrested on Warrants
By Daniel Taylor

A Boston woman who tried to outsmart police by giving them a fake name ended up being arrested on a very real warrant out for a person with the name she had provided.

Tina Lunn was approached by a Transit police officer after being observed smoking a cigarette despite several posted “no smoking” signs, reports WXFT-TV. Lunn, who was wanted for warrants in two different Massachusetts counties, allegedly provided a fake name and fake date of birth to the officer.

Unfortunately for her, even her fictitious alter-ego seems to have criminal proclivities.

Ruse Maintained Throughout Booking Process

Despite being arrested under her assumed name, Lunn maintained the charade throughout the booking process, perhaps hoping that her assumed identity was facing fewer criminal charges than her real identity. Among the charges faced by the actual Lunn: assault and battery, kidnapping, and larceny.

Police eventually wised up to Lunn’s real identity. In addition to the charges she was already facing, she is now also facing charges of furnishing a false name to law enforcement and smoking in a transportation terminal and giving a False Name, Real Problems!

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