Reality Bites by James A. Norton

A tale of the same week, one week later. But first, this:

‘Tis the season…to give thanks, seriously….

You have probably noticed that in the short time that I have been “back” at writing, there hasn’t been much blood spilled in this column. I haven’t actually said much, about much. Oh sure, there’s been a little reference here and there to people, places and things – all pretty innocuous in nature.

I like it this way – why on Earth would I want to put myself back into the “dramafest” again? I really don’t have the urge or the desire to directly or indirectly insult, inflame or ridicule anyone these days. It’s just not worth it.

Would it be fun to pull the pin on a few grenades and run? Yes… Would it help expose some people for who they really are? Maybe… Would it help remove the stigma by association some douche with the same last name has caused? No… See what I did there? Moving on…

Winter is here, Thanksgiving is this week, the Patriots beat the Broncos and Obama-Care is probably going to turn into Obama-Gate. Nothing too mind-bending. Locally, Assembly Row is moving full steam ahead, the political tide has completely shifted and people who have a lusting for controversy still love to gossip and spend their days grinding away in the “rumor mill.” So much fun I can’t stand it. No, really…I can’t stand it.

So in honor of Thanksgiving (the debate over the political correctness of the holiday notwithstanding), I would like to give thanks in this column for a few people who have enhanced my life and well-being over the last year (or that continue to year after year): to my bride-to-be Lynda – you make me feel loved unconditionally; to my kids (and Lynda’s kids) – you make me hopeful for the future; to my doctors – you give me hope that I will live a long and fruitful life; to my true friends – you know who you are – for always being there for me, even after a stumble in life; and finally, to the people who have come and gone in a short period of time in my life – you will not be forgotten.

Do yourself a favor, give thanks for the people who have enriched your life, even in some small measure – for tomorrow might never come, so don’t take a chance on having regret.

A year later and what goes around, comes around…

So that’s what I wrote a year ago this week. I was trying to be nice and stay above the fray. Unfortunately, other people had something to say about it.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a fantastic year. I got married, had an unbelievable honeymoon in Ireland, traveled half way across the country, and became a grandfather. Not a shabby year, for sure.

But there’s that dark underbelly that I occasionally allude to that seems to exist only to drag you down into the muck and grime that is Somerville’s bump and grind rumor mill. It’s annoying as shit.

I am thankful that none of this dragging down into the dirt has created any anger at all – I just don’t have time or energy for that garbage feeling emotionally. A good representation of my feelings toward this aspect of my life is utter disappointment. Another garbage feeling, but, doesn’t cause irrational behavior.

In any case, the bottom line both a year ago and today is that we should all give thanks for even the smallest of things in our lives, because you never know what’s around the next corner in life. As soon as you master your emotional well-being, you begin to master your life and more importantly your destiny. #GMK

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