Real Life Somerville Police Stories/ Shoplifting at Target


Celona arrest age 29 and Leone age 27

On 10/26/14 at approximately 20:04 while in uniform and operating marked unit E2, I was dispatched to Target for a report of two male suspects in the store attempting to cut security wires attached to merchandise. Officer Ducasse also in uniform and assigned to marked unit E3 was sent as my back up.

Upon arrival, we were met outside by Asset Protection Specialist, who reported that the suspects were still in the store. I asked Officer Ducasse to report to the asset protection office while Asset Specialist and I wait by the exit doors for the suspects. He informed me that last night around 21:01 the same suspects along with a third unidentified individual came into the store, used a cutting devise to remove wires attached to merchandise on the shelves and successfully escaped prior police arrival.

At the exit door, I observed the first suspect coming down the aisle passing all the cash registers to make his way out. I stopped him and took him to the asset protection office where he was left with Target Protection Specialist. Shortly after, I observed the second suspect sprinting toward the exit doors. As soon as he saw me, he ran toward a different direction. I ordered him to stop and he attempted to run past me. I was able to grab him by his arm and he actively resisted. At that moment, Officer Ducasse and street supervisor Sgt. Isidoro came over and assisted in restraining and escorting him to the asset protection office. Both suspects were identified as Mr. Thomas P. Celona, and Mr. Michael W. Leone. Target surveillance camera shows Mr. Celona with a cutting devise removing the wires from the merchandise and Mr. Leone placing them into a plastic bag and his pockets. Both suspects were dressed in the same clothing description as the night before. I recovered a set of Dre Beats ear buds in Mr. Leone’s pockets, and two Flex Fit Pedometers – all three items totaling $399.98.

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  1. horrible…one of them is a big time dealer..and the other had his kids mom die from addiction the year before…obviously both strung out

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