Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Moore arrest age 34

While standing on the corner of Kent street and Somerville Ave, I saw a white vehicle, a Toyota Legacy. This vehicle was driven up over the sidewalk from Somerville ave. , across the burm, into the parking lot of a strip mall. The
operator exited, staggered to the corner of the building at Kent street, and began urinating on the wall of the building. I approached him and asked if he was alright. He asked me to stop bothering him and that he wanted a pizza. We were now standing in front of “Papa John’s” pizza shop. He had a strong odor of alcohol, very red and glassy eyes, and was having trouble standing and speaking. When I asked him if he had been drinking, he replied that he didn’t know and why did it concern me. After obtaining his driver’s license, I asked him to perform a series of field sobriety test for me. He remained silent. When asked again, he told me I was bothering him and to leave him alone so he could get his pizza. After trying again several times for him to answer my questions, and his initial refusal, he raised his voice calling attention to others including patrons waiting outside of a nearby restaurant and those of Samba bar.
When he tried to walk by me, I took hold of his arm and told him I was placing him under arrest, he tensed and tried to pull slightly away from me. I took out my handcuffs after turning him around facing the building, and while attempting to cuff him , he tensed up more and tried to lean back. I kept telling him to relax, and proceeded to handcuff him. He was placed into the Somerville police transport unit and brought back to the police station for booking procedures. While there , he again refused field sobriety testing. He vehicle was towed to Pats auto body after being inventoried.

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