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Campos Arrest

On the above date and time, I was dispatched to the Albert F. Argenziano School located at Washington St., for a drunk male aggressively accosting children. Officer Brian Pavao arrived on scene shortly after to assist.

Upon my arrival, I was met by AFAS staff. They pointed to the defendant who was sleeping under a park bench approximately, 50-75 feet away. Officer Pavao remained with the AFAS staff to interview them in regards to the incident that occurred. I approached Campos, and tapped the bottom of his foot to wake him. He acknowledged me by stating “Hello Officer,” and he unsteadily attempted to lift himself up off the ground. Observing that he needed assistance in getting up off the grass, I gently grasped his forearm, and upper arm. Once Campos was on his feet, he became extremely tense, and he squared his shoulders in a bladed stance. Campos was quickly guided onto the back of the park bench, and placed in handcuffs for everyone’s safety.

I spoke to counselors of the school and two children, who stated that while they were playing in playground, Campos approached one of the children, cussing profanities, and aggressively grabbed his wrist. The other child stated that while she was playing in the playground, Campos approached her, grabbed her hair, and snapped her head back. Campos than left the playground pushing, and shoving children out of the way.

Note: There is a green sign on the playground premises which indicates that the playground is for school use only. A photograph of the sign was taken, and will be included with this report. The counselors filed incident reports, which will also be included with this report. I was also informed that the school informed the parents of the children, and both children were sent to the school nurse as a precaution.

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