Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Macedo Arrest

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, I, Officer Michael Capasso was working (in uniform) a private construction detail. At approximately 9:13 AM, I observed a party known to me as Edmilson Gomes, operating Massachusetts Registration 639SF9 on
Broadway by Glen Street, both public ways within the City of Somerville. The vehicle in question had a failed inspection sticker from 2013, and I was aware that Gomes’s driver’s license was suspended for illegal drug possession and on top of the fact that Gomes had an active default warrant.

After observing Gomes drive past my detail location, I requested Officer W. Collette, who was roughly 30 feet from my location, to stop the vehicle on my behalf. I ordered Gomes out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest for operating after suspension as well as the default warrant. I located and removed a large folding knife from Gomes shorts pocket, in violation of Somerville City Ordinance 9/96. While doing this, the front passenger, who was not wearing a seatbelt, had dropped his right hand out of sight in between the side and the passenger door. I approached the passenger and opened his door to prevent him from retrieving/concealing anything that would jeopardize the safety of myself, Officer Collete, or Officer Goncalves. Located in between the seat and door was a folded up $20 bill. Based on my training, as well as previous incidents and arrests, I recognized this money fold to be consistent with drug possession. The fold allows the possessor to carry the product without losing its contents, as well as ingest it.

I opened the $20 bill and observed a white powdery substance believe to be cocaine. I placed the passenger under arrest and escorted him onto the sidewalk. I retrieved the passenger’s U.S. Resident ID and queried his information Vando Macedo via Somerville Dispatch. Somerville Dispatch informed me that Mr. Macedo had two active arrest warrants. I conducted an inventory of Mr. Macedo’s property, as well as a search for any possible narcotics he may still possess. Inside of Mr. Macedo’s right sock, I observed a small bulge on the inside of his ankle. I frisked the bulge from outside his sock and immediately recognized it to be a plastic bag containing an unknown substance. I removed the package, which contained a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine. The bag was similar in size to an “eight-ball (3.5 grams)” and weighed 2.5 grams. Officer Moreira, who was operating the transport wagon, located a second bag believed to cocaine in the left sock of Mr. Macedo. This bag was consistent with the size a “40 bag” and weighed in at 0.3 grams.

While escorting Mr. Gomes into the transport wagon, and in the presence of Officer Gardner, Gomes yelled out “I know where you live Mike.” As I was walking away from the wagon, Mr. Gomes stated in the presence of Officer Gardner that he “was going to fuck me up.” Mr. Gomes began kicking the separation partition (for multiple prisoners) inside of the wagon so violently that he loosened two bolts and caused the partition to fall. Based on these statements, Gomes will be charged with intimidation of a witness and threats to commit a crime.

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