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Gfeller Arrest

On September 2, 2014, I, Officer Matthew Khoury was patrolling in East-4 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 4:30 A.M., I was

dispatched to Puritan Road for a break and entering into a motor vehicle. Officer Ubeda and Sgt. Campbell were also dispatched for back up. Dispatch informed units of two males, one white male with blonde hair and a black T-shirt, and another male wearing a black baseball cap. While en route to Puritan Road dispatchers notified units that the witness, who was still on the phone with dispatch, said that one of the males was inside a black SUV across from Puritan Road. Upon arrival I noticed the interior hood light on inside a black Nissan Rogue. As I drove to the corner of Puritan Road and Ten Hills Road, I observed two males walking towards Putnam Road.

At this time I drove up and stopped both individuals, Officer Ubeda also pulled over at this time. The males were identified as Ryan Gfeller and second individual. I spoke with Mr. Gfeller and asked what he was doing in that area at that time of night and he stated that he could not sleep and went for a walk. I asked Mr. Gfeller where he lived and he said Medford. Mr. Gfeller stated he was familiar with Somerville and he often walks around the city at all times of the night.

I then asked second individual why he was in that area at that time of night and he stated that he was going to his friend’s house to pick up some tools to fix his bike. He had a screw driver and a pair of pliers in shorts. Due to both individuals matching the description given by the witness and having conflicting stories as to why they were in the area, Myself and Sgt. Campbell decided to contact the witness and conduct a show-up identification.

Sgt. Campbell went to the witness home and explained the show-up identification process. Witness understood and agreed to do a show- up identification of the two individuals in question. Upon arrival to the location both individuals were displayed separately. The witness positively identified both males as the two she saw on her street near the SUV that was broken into. She said that the male with the blonde hair (Mr. Gfeller) was the one who entered the vehicle. She stated Mr. Gfeller checked the door handle on the car behind the SUV but it appeared to be locked. She stated Mr. Gfeller was in the vehicle for about a minute and then both males walked towards Route 28.

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