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Bourque Arrest

On August, 28th, 2014, while was assigned to the Gang Anti-Crime Unit, I received information about a sawed off shotgun. I placed a phone call to a person known to me who is alleged to have seen the shotgun. He is in fear of his safety and would not speak to me unless I promised not to divulge his identity. He wished to remain anonymous.

He was clearing out some weeds in a back yard at Gilman St. and observed a black baseball equipment bag with white lettering. He picked it up and moved it toward the house. The bag had some weight to it and he thought there might be a bat inside. He zipped open the bag and saw what he thought was a b.b. gun. When he took it out of the bag, he realized it was a sawed off shotgun. He has knowledge of firearms and has grown up around them so he knew it to be a real shotgun. He was shocked and freaked out and placed it back into the bag and zippered it up and went back to work. Moments later the first floor male resident came out and picked up the bag and brought it into his residence. He is the only male living in the first floor apartment. He described the male and all the occupants of the first floor.
The first floor male residing at Gilman St is Cameron Bourque. With this information in hand, knowing it to be credible, Mr. Bourque’s history and the fact there might be a sawed off shotgun at the residence we decided to visit the residence and further our investigation.
Lt. Hyde, Sgt. Whalen, Ofc. Cicerone, Det. Thermidor, Det. Collazo, Det. McNally and myself arrived at Gilman St. Lt. Hyde, Ofc. Cicerone and myself entered the hallway and knocked on the door. Ofc. Cicerone identified himself to Cameron’s mother. She opened the door and Lt. Hyde and Ofc. Cicerone explained the reason for the visit. She said she was solely responsible for the apartment and the paying of the rent. Cameron does not pay rent and goes to school. She was given the Consent to Search Form and said she would sign it if we wrote on it that we were looking for a shotgun. It was written in by hand and she agreed to sign it. The form was signed and we entered the residence.
We asked Cameron to come out of his room and explained to him why we were there. Lt. Hyde read Mr. Bourque his Miranda Rights and said he understood them. When asked about the shotgun he said if we would let him stay home he would tell us who gave it to him. His bedroom door was open and on the floor, in plain view, was a black baseball equipment bag with white lettering. It was inside a clear plastic bag. He admitted to having the shotgun and pointed to where it was located on the floor in his bedroom. The shotgun was secured by Det. McNally and brought to the Somerville Police station. See Det. McNally’s supplemental report.
Mr. Bourque was placed under arrest for the above offences and transported to the Somerville Police station in marked unit 200.
The shotgun was a Winchester Model #120, 20 Guage, Serial #L1972485 with a 12″ barrel.

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