Real Life Somerville Police Stories Bicyclist Arrest


Dasilva Arrest

While in uniform with a marked police bicycle, I stopped a bicyclist for failing to stop at the red light at the corner of

Bow Street and Somerville Avenue. I motioned for the bicyclist, Ms. Jessica DaSilva, from the sidewalk, to stop, and she ignored me. I walked out into the traffic lane, and asked for her to come over to the sidewalk. She refused. I explained to her that that wasn’t an option, and that I needed her identification, to which she replied, “I’m not going to give it to you.” I tried the best that I could to explain that while she didn’t need to hand me identification, she did need to provide her information. She continuously refused to identify herself. Finally, after much conversation, when she tried to walk away, I told her that she was under arrest.

I instructed her to turn around, and she repeatedly ignored my order. When I tried to place her in handcuffs, she flailed while she screamed at me, “I pay parking tickets here. I give the city plenty of money.” We were in the middle of Union Square and motorists and numerous pedestrians stopped to watch and film us. Pedestrians were unable to use the sidewalk to walk up Bow Street and were forced to walk into the roadway to avoid us.

At this point, I called dispatch for backup. When Officers Monaco and Soares arrived, we again attempted to place Ms. DaSilva in handcuffs, and she actively resisted. After placing her in handcuffs, we waited for Unit 200 to arrive. Ms. DaSilva, and her bicycle, were placed in Unit 200, and transported to the station, where she was booked by Lt. Mitsakis. She was issued citation # R4905480

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